About Us

About Us

J & G Excavations & Asphalting is an Australian Civil Engineering company based in New South Wales and has been in the construction industry for over twenty years. Over that time we have developed a reputable image through our drive to deliver complete customer satisfaction. All of the construction works we carry out comply with all customer requirements and are done so with a friendly and professional service. We have a large portfolio of completed engineering projects with many of them ranging from medium to large in size. We have completed work for private developers, construction companies and both local and state government. Many of our customers provide us with on going or additional projects due to the high level of customer satisfaction that we continue to deliver.

At J & G Excavations & Asphalting we believe that in order to provide a great service you need a skilled and motivated team of staff. All of our staff receives continued training and development and we aim to provide a safe and rewarding work environment. Each member of the team from every stage of the process takes pride in his or her work and we work together to achieve our mutual goal of providing a quality service. Our employees are some of the best in the industry and work only to the very best of their ability.

The importance of good leadership is well understood at J & G Excavations & Asphalting and Managing Director Joe Bartolo takes an active interest in the development of our employees and is personally involved in every project that we take on.

Naturally one of the most important considerations, particularly for a company in the construction industry is health and safety and this is not an area that J & G Excavations & Asphalting takes lightly. Our absolute priority is to create work sites that are safe for both employees and the community. We attend regular health and safety courses and promote the practise of safe behaviours. We comply with all industry codes and statutory requirements to create a workplace free from accident and injury. Through all of these practices we are able to guarantee quality workmanship, a professional service and overall customer satisfaction.

The staff members at J & G Excavations & Asphalting are some of the best in the business and the entire team takes pride in completing each and every project to the best of their ability. Providing complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim and our reputation has been built through meeting customer requirements unconditionally. We achieve this not only through professionally executed construction works but also by offering affordable prices.